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Direct Deposit

Give employees the gift of extra time and peace of mind through direct deposit. They don’t have to make an extra trip to the bank. It’s convenient, affordable, and used by most U.S. companies.


We can easily split direct deposits into as many as four accounts. Employees will receive electronic or paper vouchers with their payroll details.


When it’s payday, employees know their check will be automatically deposited with their financial institution. They don't have to waste time stopping at the bank or ATM.


Direct deposit adds a level of protection for you and your employees. Using direct deposit reduces check fraud and reports of lost or stolen checks.

Efficient & Cost Effective

Obtain greater control over your expenses when you use direct deposit. You’ll reduce your bookkeeping time and delivery costs.


Studies designate about one-quarter of U.S. households as unbanked or underbanked. Our direct deposit paycards offer a convenient solution to pay these employees.


Employees will appreciate their versatile paycard. Once you deposit funds on their card, employees can use it to make purchases, get cash and transfer funds.

Employee Benefits

Unbanked employees will no longer experience high check-cashing fees. In addition, with paycards, employees don’t have to meet minimum balance requirements found at traditional financial institutions.

Employer Benefits

Offering paycards to your employees won’t cost you anything. They reduce your workers’ concerns about how or where they will cash their paychecks. As a result, they can concentrate on their job.

Prompt Paychecks

Everyone wins when employees get immediate access to their paychecks via paycards. Watch morale and efficiency improve, and paycheck complaints go down. Paycards provide automatic paycheck access, without deposit hassles.