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Trusted HR Answers

If you don’t have a designated HR professional, it may be tough to keep up on the latest regulations. With our HR Support Center, we offer 24/7 support to help your organization comply with federal and state laws.


You’ll get peace of mind knowing that there’s a trusted HR resource at your fingertips. Search common HR topics. Find training, forms, guides and articles to support your business functions.

Law Library

Browse the most common federal and state employment laws. Set your default state to your business location and stay up to date on changes that may impact your company.


Check out our articles and two-minute training sessions. Boost your HR knowledge by reviewing the latest HR news.

Tools & Documents

Need to build a handbook? Create job descriptions? Set policies? Use our system’s template forms to search, customize, or create supporting documents to help manage your HR obligations.

HR On-Demand

Need to talk it out with an HR professional? Upgrade HR Support Center to HR On-Demand, and you’ll have unlimited access to professionals with years of experience.

Ask the Pro

Address your situational questions regarding legal compliance and personnel issues. Then receive a response within one business day. Prefer to talk to someone on the phone? An HR professional will take your call.

Customize Documents

HR Pros will create or customize your HR documents, and then review them for potential legal concerns.

Employee Handbook Development

HR On-Demand can help you develop a custom employee handbook and implementation plan. Schedule a personal appointment with an HR Pro, and you'll get the advice you need.