Payroll Online

PayChoice OnlinePayroll Online is a web-based business solution to streamline business processes and administrative functions required for your organization. It is a powerful payroll processing solution that will streamline payroll entry while being secure, flexible and allow you to have more control. No extra software is needed and training is available. You have the ability to control your company's payroll data while utilizing the expertise of a professional payroll processor on the backend.


  • Easy grid design allows for quick data entry
  • Pay Details can be reviewed for individual employees
  • Short cuts to “pay all” of active employees
  • Sort/view employees in several different options
  • Automatically e-mails your company after payroll has been processed
  • Preview and proof payroll entry with the pre-process journal
  • PayChoice Online offers 2 types of login status: Data Entry and Administrative.
  • Data Entry users have access to company payroll information to specific divisions and departments. Users can also maintain static employee information, input pay period information, and run reports.
  • Administrative users, in addition to all the permissions that are available to the data entry users, can also submit payroll for a pay period.
  • State of the art security and encryption features to ensure that you and your employees receive the highest level of protection.

This is the employee list view that links to each employees pay, demographic, direct deposit & tax information. You can view employees by division or department. Each bullet point on the left side walks you through submitting payroll to us.

The Pay Grid allows you to enter employee pay in a spreadsheet layout. It is designed to give you the "big picture" view of all employees’ earnings.